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The biggest reason: As the name implies, we are a portal focused on connecting women job seekers with employers who respect gender equality. Candidates from any minority like LGBTQ are equally valued if they match the skill sets for a job. 

Also, you get the following benefits free of cost:

  1. Browse thousands of jobs and effortlessly apply when you find a relevant one.
  2. Get curated e-mails from our dynamic team connecting you to the latest-and-greatest fits.
  3. Needless to say, we do all that we can in getting your profile seen by employers and recruiters both through the online portal and our dedicated offline services.

Get going!

SheJobs is inclusive for all kind of talents provides endless opportunities for career growth. It is a job portal which is entirely dedicated to women from around the world seeking employment. The company focuses on delivering its services in keeping with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of gender equality.

Not in its entirety. Women and many minorities are our central focus as the world advances productively on gender equality. That said, men are welcome too!

We encourage you to read our “About us” page to get to know SheJobs better and the diversified candidates we cater to.

The registration for job seekers is effortless. You just need to activate your account after providing a name, e-mail ID, and creating a password. You can SIGN IN with your Google or LinkedIn account as well.

You need to complete your profile to be able to make any value out of SheJobs. While the profile creation appears simple, please review the below tips to standout!

  1. Provide accurate information. Honesty is the best policy.
  2. Describe yourself with an equal balance on your experience, skills, and the real value you can deliver to the job providers.
  3. Consider making a short yet impactful selfie-video that matches and conveys the summary of your resume in 2 minutes.
  4. Ensure consistency in the details filled in our profile section, your resume, and any video that you upload. That demonstrates your integrity.

That is it. Good luck with your regular searches. We will also parallelly notify you as a match is found.

We understand and empathize with you.

Everyone has been in your shoes at some point in a long-drawn career. We have an expanding network of global consultants, mentors, and personal coaches who can get you back on track. Drop us an e-mail or a message on our Facebook page.

Yes. We do. We believe in the energy and fresh outlook you get to the table. Some of our employers are even specifically looking for you.

Well, yes, dear friend. 3 simple checkpoints:

  1. Please make sure you always send us an e-mail communication with your registered ID.
  2. When you get an e-mail from us, verify its originality by checking if the ID ends with @she-jobs.com.
  3. Our services are always free to job seekers, so if someone contacts you for any payment, do report to us.

No worries! Do you want to give feedback? or perhaps report an issue?

We are always listening to you. Reach us at contact@she-jobs.com or send a message on our FB page. Alternatively, you can fill our general contact form here.

FAQ's for Employers

Thanks for asking. You can read the exclusive content that answers this in detail. Here are a few quick ones:

  1. On par with anyone else, you can find potential job seekers from the pools of women and several minorities that fit your requirements.
  2. You can achieve diversity metrics in your workforce and stand as a great example (besides branding yourself as a Valued Employer).
  3. You can get personalized services if you have special recruitment drives in your company.
  4. You get equal priority, no matter the size or industry aspects.

Gender equality should never mean advocating for women alone. Our portal does not distinguish between women, several stereotyped minorities, or men to address it. That said, you are likely to find more women candidates here as we are on a mission to improve their employment percentages across sectors.

Whether you’re looking to hire an admin pro, or a contract employee to help with the busy season, a great job posting can help a company of any age and size. Keep the following points in mind that could help job seekers to find your posting quickly:

  1. Make sure the posting is easy to read.
  2. Include a company overview.
  3. Provide an overview of the position in a brief paragraph.
  4. List the position's responsibilities.
  5. List of job requirements.

Absolutely. Two ways:

  1. If it is a feature in the portal,collaborative-design is our way forward.
  2. If it is a quick and unique need that you want us to provide, we can assign an expert who will personally assist you. For example, let us say you want a refined list of candidate profiles in bulk (summaries in a spreadsheet or some such thing along with resumes), you do not have to wait for the feature to arrive in our portal. We have workarounds!

Surely. We are always listening to you. Reach us at contact@she-jobs.com or send a message on our FB page. Alternatively, you can fill our general contact form here.


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