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Job Description

The main function of an electronics technician is to lay out, build, test, troubleshoot, repair, and modify developmental and production electronic components, parts, equipment, and systems, such as computer equipment, applying principles and theories of electronics, engineering mathematics, electronic and electrical testing. A typical electronics technician has the ability to make engineering drawings, and read and interpret blueprints.

Job Responsibilities:
• Read blueprints, wiring diagrams, schematic drawings, and engineering instructions for assembling electronics units, applying knowledge of electronic theory and components.
• Test electronics units, using standard test equipment, and analyze results to evaluate performance and determine need for adjustment.
• Perform preventative maintenance and calibration of equipment and systems.
• Adjust and replace defective or improperly functioning circuitry and electronics components, using hand tools and soldering iron.
• Maintain system logs and manuals to document testing and operation of equipment.
• Write reports and record data on testing techniques, laboratory equipment, and specifications to assist engineers.
• Assemble, test, and maintain circuitry or electronic components according to engineering instructions, technical manuals, and knowledge of electronics, using hand and power tools.

• Creativity, verbal and written communication skills, analytical and problem solving ability.
• Team player and detail oriented.
• Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming.
• Knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.
• Knowledge of the practical application of engineering science and technology.

• Bachelor's degree in engineering required.
• 5-7 years' experience required.

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Required Skills

  • 5-7 Years of Experience

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