Electrical Engineer II
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Job Description

The main function of an electrical engineer is to design, develop, test or supervise the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment, components, or systems for commercial, industrial, military or scientific use. A typical electrical engineer has the ability to make engineering drawings, and read and interpret blueprints.

Job Responsibilities:
• Design, develop, and test the manufacture of electrical equipment, including machinery controls, wiring, and lighting.
• Evaluate the cost effectiveness, reliability and safety of certain design models.
• Estimate time and cost to complete projects.
• Simulate and test machine/structure/system operation.
• Investigate and test vendors' and competitors' products.

• Creativity, verbal and written communication skills, analytical and problem solving ability.
• Team player and detail oriented.
• Ability to make sketches, engineering drawings and common computations.
• Ability to perform details calculations to compute and establish manufacturing, construction and installation standards and specifications.
• Ability to apply principles of electrical theory to engineering projects.
• Previous experience with computer applications and design software related to engineering field.

• Bachelor's degree in engineering required.
• 2-4 years experience required.

Detailed work description:
Execute new wiring designs, and feature specs and support other feature owners for telematics features such as data streaming, over-the-air updates, and powertrain performance monitoring.
Work closely with other Mechatronics feature owners during the implementation of new or revised telematics system designs to ensure adequate coordination during the design development and documentation stages. Monitor, analyze, and address pre-production issues with swift and thorough corrective actions including both long-term and short-term initiatives.
Wiring harness designs, feature specs and documentation for all Mechatronics-owned electrical/electronic modules and their mounting systems throughout all areas of the vehicle.
Address ongoing production issues with swift and thorough corrective actions including both long-term and short-term initiatives.

The contractor focused on telematics engineering from the vehicle perspective (CAN interface, signal processing, feature requirements/implementation, documentation, parameterization, and documentation).

Position focused on HMI (supporting component design, feature requirements/implementation, CAN communication, design requirements, parameterization, and documentation).


 Automotive interest in how software interfaces in vehicles
 Candidates have experience with requirements and how software interface between ECU
 Understanding requirement details, and understanding how a system should be working from an Engineering perspective
 Good attitude and a passion for the work they do. Exciting about being a pioneer in the cutting edge electric mobility work Daimler is working on at the moment.
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