SDET Engineer
  • Bellevue, Washington, US
  • +914043515100
3 Days ago
Job Description
•    7+ years of Software Quality Assurance experience.
•    Experience in Testing web applications and mobile apps
•    Experience in accessibility testing
•    Good experience of Java, Selenium, TestNG, Maven
•    Defect reporting and tracking via different defect tracking/management tools (specifically JIRA) and Automation Testing Tools
•    Experience in Designing and maintaining Framework
•    Preparing Test Scenarios
•    Collaborate with developers to understand code architecture; understand new functionality to create appropriate test scripts
•    Develop & maintain regression/sanity test suites that run frequently to ensure stability
•    Assist the team with manual/adhoc testing as needed
•    Knowledge in CICD pipeline, Git, QTest integration
  • NA

Required Skills
  • java,Testing web applications and mobile apps,accessibility testing,Selenium,TestNG,Maven

  • 7+ Years of Experience

  • NA

Working Hours / Week
  • 40h