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Job Description
Senior Designer: Long-term contract (12+ months); Individual needs to have experience with Catia V5.
Designs 3D math data, working layouts and typical sections of automotive vehicle components, assemblies, and systems
from engineering specifications, sketches, and engineering instructions.
Education – Required: Associates Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
Education - Preferred: N/A
Years of Experience: Minimum three to five (3-5) years of related experience required; five to seven (5-7)
years of related experience preferred
Supervisory Experience: None
Licenses and Certifications: None
Other Skills/Experience -
⎯ Experience in CAD tools such as Catia V5 and UGNX
⎯ Experience in creation of 2D drawings for part and assembly, 3D modeling, and
surface modeling
⎯ Basic knowledge of GD&T and application
⎯ Knowledge of assembly and part tolerance stack ups
⎯ Solid understanding of automotive structure (part placement, usage, and
⎯ Able to build 3D parametric models
Other Skills/Experience -
⎯ Knowledge of customer-specific standards and quality requirements for CAD
⎯ Process and manufacturing knowledge covering forming, joining, and quality
⎯ Practice independent project management for smaller engineering projects.
⎯ Advanced development and design body and chassis components with consideration to installation space, functionality,
manufacturability, and availability.
⎯ Design parts and systems in a manner that reflects the forming and fabrication processes and capabilities of th e
manufacturing and assembly tooling.
⎯ Create complex conceptual class “A” surface from scans, point clouds, surfaces, and master sections.
⎯ Create 2D drawings that are completed with enough data to ensure that the part can be manufactured, quoted, or
gauged for functionality.
⎯ Compare different versions of parts and their impacts to the project.
⎯ Understand and apply customer given standards and procedures within the part or assembly design.
⎯ Understand and apply principles and limitations of stamping dies, hydroform dies, and welding technologies and
practices within design.
⎯ Apply geometric dimension and tolerancing to components and systems and identify potential impact to production
⎯ Coordinate with involved process partners about constructive design, material selection, concept of tolerance, and
joining method and sequence.
⎯ Provide recommendation for improvements to optimize the components or assemblies.
⎯ Participate in the development of Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA).
⎯ Prepare and maintain detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) and Bill of Process information based on CAD files.
⎯ Understand and adhere to company engineering work order and PLM systems, including maintenance and release of
CAD data.
⎯ Practice proper modeling techniques which allow part/assembly to be easily modified during later engineering changes.
⎯ Execute multiple modeling projects correctly and efficiently in order to contain all program timing.
⎯ Interpret and follow design direction with minimal additional direction needed to complete tasks.
⎯ Perform additional duties as assigned.
Vehma International of America, Inc.
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⎯ Act with honesty and integrity, and make ethical business choices in accordance with Magna’s Compliance Policies and
Subject to business needs < 5% of travel may be required.
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Required Skills
  • Catia 5

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Working Hours / Week
  • 40h