IT - Lead Software Engineer/29/TEC133
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2 Days ago
Job Description

Job Description :

This is for the Optimal Care. This is a Referral Platform. This tool pulls data from EMR records that match customers with preferred providers that are within the same network. They extract data from different hospitals that have records of physicians, what they support, their expertise and plug this information into Optimal Care to generate referrals and match with physicians.


Day 2 Day -


Will be joining a scrum team of 6 other members (developers, QA's and product owner). 2 week agile sprints. They will focus on enhancement and integration of the application based on the needs of the business. Will help them roll out and scale this out to new markets seamlessly. Eventually migrate to Azure and kafka for new streaming reporting abilities. Core need is middle-tier / backend. Not interacting with business but will need to have confidence and speak up on the team. Contribute and be able to ask questions right away.


Tech Stack


Java 11

Webservice - Creating not just consuming.

Unit testing (Required)

Spring boot - microservices.

Spring Batch  (Not Required) - Moving to Kafka for new reporting abilities (not required)

My SQL database / EMR's through webservices.

Eventually migrate to Azure. (Not Required)

Angular 8 (nice to have - not required). 


  • NA

Required Skills
  • Java 8/11

  • 15+ Years of Experience

  • NA

Working Hours / Week
  • 40h