Sr. Esri ArcGIS Developer
  • Atlanta, Georgia, US
  • +914043515100
190 Days ago
Job Description
Jon Summary:
Convert existing Esri Silverlight API applications into standard Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10x (Javascript API/WebApp Builder) applications within SharePoint web sites/integrated applications/mobile solutions for the client.
•    Develops customized web applications, web services, mobile, and enterprise solutions
•    Develops geoprocessing and GIS web services
•    Develops GIS web editing/mapping applications
•    Conducts performance, unit, system, integration, and quality assurance testing of applications
•    Maintains existing applications/services
•    Upgrades and migrates existing applications/services to current version/systems architecture
•    Provides end user support and creates support documentation
•    Works closely with other developers and architects
•    Estimates work effort and proposes development solutions
•    Assists in the integration of Esri Roads and Highways and Agile Assets
Candidate will be working in the Enterprise GIS Team of IT Applications. Candidates will work with supporting IT team members (database, network, server, etc.) and interacting with business units.  The candidate will follow internal SLDC, standards, and accepted best practices for developed solutions.
The Enterprise GIS team is composed of 2 ArcGIS developers, 2 System Administrators, a data manager, and team leader. The team supports over 180 ArcGIS Desktop users and approximately 60,000 annual ArcGIS Server web visits. Applications support GIS portal, feature mapping, project planning, emergency operations, permitting, safety, and traffic records.
The team develops enterprise GIS services, applications, and databases. The team coordinates with client, server, network, and database/data warehouse personnel to support and develop the underlying IT solutions.
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Required Skills
  • sql,PL/SQL,Esri JavaScript API,Python Scripting

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Working Hours / Week