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625 Days ago
Job Description
Client : CTS
Location Remotre Until Covid  after that Hardfort, CT
Duration : 6+ Months
Summary: Seeking an engineer to support our Containerfecurity scanning operations. This person would join our high performing team of technologists in a fast-paced environment in supporting enterprise class systems that operate at scale.
b. Profile / Skills:
i. Must be onshore
ii. Must have: worked with Open Source security scanning software such as: Black Duck, Prisma Cloud Compute (Twistlock), Aquasec, etc.
iii. Several years of experience working with Cl / CD tools, integrations, and processe
1. Jenkins or other Continuous Integration system (GitlLab, TeamCity, Circleci, AWS CodeBuild, etc.)
2. GitHub or other type of Git repository (Gitlab, AWS CodeCommit , BitBucket, etc.)
3. Nexus or other type of binary repository (Artifactory, etc.) iv. Experience working with Kubernetes v. Software Development experience vi. Ideally experience with building container images through a Cl / CD process
Email :
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Required Skills
  • GITHUB,Open Source security scanning software

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Working Hours / Week