Project Manager
  • San jose, California, US
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539 Days ago
Job Description

Experience Requirements:

• Verifiable working experience in Behavioral health billing for California

• 5 or more years verifiable experience leading complex projects within behavioral health EHRs

• 5 or more years verifiable experience leading myAvatar implementations including but limited to Netsmart MSO and Provider Connect Enterprise

• Examples of prior experience demonstrating the ability to manage to a project scope, timeline and budget

• Disciplined use of traditional project management tools and communication as well as detailed documentation of decisions and other key project artifacts.

• Ability to focus stakeholders on critical issues and put other issues, with consensus into a futures/parking lot.

• Ability to effectively facilitate meetings

• Proven history working with leadership of EHR projects and holding leadership meetings.

• Proven track record in vendor management, collaboration with billing, IT staff and clinicians.


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Required Skills
  • Project Manager

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Working Hours / Week