DevOps engineer
  • Dearborn, Michigan, US
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Job Description

DevOps Engineer in MI

Duration: 12 Months  


Work Location: Dearborn, MI( Remote work is acceptable ) 

Job Description: The DevOps Engineer is responsible for code deployment work on APIs and Services. The Engineer will be responsible for the successful deployment of integrated or stand-alone releases into production.
This team member role is critical to the safety of the production environment and helps prevent the introduction of bad or untested code into production on which the organization's internal and external Customers depend.
The Engineer will continually lead, facilitate, and coordinate synchronized releases to maximize value delivered to their program Customers.

- Manage the build process for multiple concurrent releases
- Automate build and deployment process through build system
- Maintain various software feature branches using a Source Control System
- Design and configure continuous integration build system through collaboration with development and IT teams
- Participate in deployment & configuration of the application as needed
- Participate in deployment meetings and consult with team to refine, test, and debug programs to meet technical needs
- Understands servers and databases and related architecture requirements and ensures those requirements can be achieved and maintained through high-quality deliverables.
- Developing proof of concepts and proposing solutions to architecture and tech leads.
- Support operationally critical environment, using monitoring tools and scripts, data feeds and associated scripts, research and analysis of production issues, capturing logging
- Assist in server patching activities
- Participate in application load tests and assisting with troubleshooting.
- Build and test automation tools for infrastructure provisioning, scaling and monitoring
- Monitor metrics and develop ways to improve
- Provide technical guidance and educate team members and coworkers on development and operations
- Document and design various processes; update existing processes

Skill Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree in IT/ computer Science or relevant work experience.
• Minimum of 3 years experience implementing and supporting Deployment Automation solutions • Expertise with common DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Bitbucket, Jira etc.
• Hands on with configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Jenkins files etc.
• Well versed with container technologies such as Docker • Familiar with binary repository solutions (Nexus, Artifactory) • Expertise with deployment automation best practices • Familiarity with integration Change Management tools like Servicenow • Familiar with orchestration tools like Udeploy, XL etc.
• Minimum of 4 years experience of IT Environment Management • Minimum of 5 years experience implementing and supporting Test Automation solutions • Familiar with common test automation tools and processes • Familiar with performance testing and security testing tools and best practices • Familiar with database release management tools (Liquibase, DBMaestro, Redgate etc.) • Familiarity with implementing DevOps processes such as Green/Blue deployments and Canary releases • Familiarity with DevOps Architecture best practices such as Microservices, Infrastructure as Code • Familiarity with both Linux and Windows environments  

  • NA

Required Skills
  • dEVOPS tOOLS,implementing and supporting Test Automation solutions,configuration management tools

  • 6+ Years of Experience

  • USD 50-55 Per Hour

Working Hours / Week
  • 48126h Per Hour