React- Redux Developer with PostgreSQL
  • Cerritos, California, US
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645 Days ago
Job Description

React- Redux Developer with PostgreSQL 

Job Location:- Cerritos, CA

UST Global is looking for React-Redux Developer.  Experience in functional programming required

Experience in React (v16), React-Redux(v7+) required

• Experience in frontend build tools like Webpack and Babel and package managers like Yarn and NPM

• Reason, Buckle script , OCaml or similar ecosystems preferred

• Experience in Elixir, Phoenix, Ecto and NodeJS

• Familiarity with Jenkins/Git and similar devops/CI tools required.

Experience in PostgreSQL (12) • Extremely self-motivated and capable of working on a variety of different features in a short period of time

• Eagerness to learn new programming languages to improve the end product

• Ability and willingness to work directly with business stakeholders and end-users to understand needs and refine requirements

• Ability and willingness to investigate and resolve bugs in the system via both logs and end-user reports Ability and willingness to QA own work and work of others on the team

• Extremely collaborative

Skill Examples:

* Proactively identify solutions for technical issues ,Ability to maintain technical evaluation procedures

* Ability to estimate project effort based on the requirement ,Perform and evaluate test results against product specifications.

* Break down complex problems into logical components.

* Interface with other teams, designers, and other parallel practices

* Set goals for self and team. Provide feedback to team members

* Create and articulate impactful technical presentations

* Follow high level of business etiquette in emails and other business communication

* Drive conference calls with customers and answer customer questions

* Proactively ask for and offer help, Ability to work under pressure, determine dependencies, risks, facilitate planning; handling multiple tasks.

* Build confidence with customers by meeting the deliverables on time with a quality product Knowledge Examples: Deep level proficiency in the specialist area,Proficiency in technology stacks, Appropriate software programs / modules, Programming languages, DBMS, Operating Systems and software platforms , SDLC , Integrated development environment (IDE), Agile – Scrum or Kanban Methods,  Knowledge of customer domain and sub-domain where problem is solved, Knowledge of new technologies (e.g. Data science, AI/ML, IoT, big data, and cloud platform, etc RDBMS and NOSQL ,Deep knowledge of architecting solutions and applications on cloud-based infrastructures.



Braj Tiwari


  • NA

Required Skills
  • React,Redux,PostgreSQL

  • 12 Years of Experience

  • USD 60-70 Per Hour

Working Hours / Week
  • 1920h Per Hour