Carve Your Own Path – Second Chance

Carve Your Own Path – Second Chance

Carve Your Own Path – Second Chance

Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly wrote, "Once you make a decision, the world conspires to make it happen".

A career break is a popular choice due to a variety of reasons. Motives include marriage, moving to a different location, mid-career or mid-life crisis, finding the perfect solution through tours around the world or volunteering in a remote part of the world, seeking higher education, etc.

Hiring managers are apprehensive, not just because of the disconnect between the hiring company from the applicant but also because it's an extremely risky scenario that the employer must make up for the lack of knowledge.

As per SheJobs experts, before we determine how to revive your career, it is important to recognize that those who have a career change can be a valuable benefit to the workplace because they stand at the edge of their lives in which they are reassessing their strengths and lessons learned of their previous job.

Their experience, expertise, mature outlook, and newly discovered energy and enthusiasm to return to work make them perfect candidates for employers. The only thing they must do is join the dots and present the perfect image before the employer.

Whatever the reason, you should consider the ways you can help the economy following those rejuvenating moments. Consider the possible answers to questions such as what was your plan during the time off? Why do you want to return? What will you do to prevent this issue from recurring in the future? Once you've taken the first step in analyzing whether you're in a position to relaunch, then are you capable of following subsequent steps?

SheJobs expert team suggests the following ways to start your career over.

Analyze your tastes

Being away from work may mean that your preferences have changed over time, and the similar cubicle job may no longer appeal to you. Maybe having longer in your kitchen sparked your desire to learn more about cooking, and you're ready to make the leap from financial advisory to starting your restaurant or it could be a volunteer at a school that you were contacted to get started as a counsellor.

There is always a chance to make things happen; use this time to reflect on the things you enjoy most; if you go to work without the enthusiasm you were able to find in your former area, then it is likely that you'll soon be heading for another break in your career for a long time.

Increase confidence

As we mentioned before, the main emotion that is behind the chaos is fear, particularly of women who return after the birth of their child. Concerns about what is the first thing I do? Do I have the right to be accepted by my employer? Do I look too old-fashioned? Can I manage my time between work and family, etc.? This is the right time to gain confidence by reassessing your career choices.

Consider the abilities you've accumulated during this time, and remember that it is not required to have these skills you develop when you set up a business but also skills you've learned while raising your children. Think about the inner determination, discipline, and organizational skills you gained from mothering a newly born baby. It is among the most difficult tasks you can take on.

In the end, you can make this change and, if necessary, get family support to give you an added boost of trust.


Although we live in a world of digital technology, it's not bad to return to your former colleagues or even your boss. It will provide you with opportunities and aid in discovering work and help you stay informed of the most recent advancements in your field.

Find companies on the digital platform, monitor their trends, and, if you can, post relevant comments on their relevant blogs to improve your exposure. Update your CV on Job platforms like SheJobs.

Stay informed and updated

One of the primary reasons that recruiters do not feel confident in hiring re-starters is that they believe that their technical expertise is outdated. Nowadays, it's easy to stay current with the internet. Journals, books, newspapers or even education classes from old colleagues at work could serve as additional sources.

SheJobs suggests working as a freelancer, taking part-time positions in an NGO, or interning at a start-up could create the impression that you had a lot on your plate and utilized your time off wisely.

Upskill yourself

Not only can it serve as a boost to your resume, but it could help boost your self-esteem. It could be an avenue to return to the workforce or an opportunity for switching career paths.

The ability to be engaged and complete a course during your absence from work will signal to employers that you're determined to develop or build new skills. In addition, it will demonstrate your determination to finish the course. Companies like SheJobs provide online upskill courses.

Revise your resume

As per SheJobs experts, Your resume needs a makeover as it may not be efficient anymore, so some minor changes to your resume may be required to show off the skills you've acquired during your time off. An authentic cover letter demonstrating your enthusiasm to return is highly valued.

Furthermore, employers search your online footprint, and it's why it's advisable to re-design the appearance of your LinkedIn profile and make it appear more professional than even your resume of two pages could not convey.

Be ready

The absence of work for long periods could put you at a disadvantage compared to other employees. Therefore, be flexible and open in any salary negotiation your employer might provide you with. HR managers will evaluate your paycheck to the market-based scales of remuneration.

SheJobs suggests, do not make comparisons to those who had grown professionally while on a sabbatical. This does not mean that you will be a victim of exploitation or compromise in your new work profile, but you must be flexible and mindful of your knowledge, experience, your new-found skills, and the standards of your industry.

As per the SheJobs expert team, a comeback is possible, it requires an accurate SWOT analysis because not just one is an entirely different person over this period, but the employment market has evolved in leaps and bounds. Companies such as SheJobs help women get back on track in their careers.

Always be aware of

Knowing the direction of the wind and forming an attitude that matches the abilities required to move with the wind, a strong will determination, confidence, and a strong resolve can change the odds in your favor.

It's not too late to begin over.

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