Mothers Back to Work - SheJobs Returnship Program

Mothers Back to Work - SheJobs Returnship Program

Mothers Back to Work - SheJobs Returnship Program

“People respond well to someone who's sure of what they want.” 

-Anna Wintour, Behind The Shades

There are many reasons why women leave the workforce. You might be a stay-at-home parent, a military veteran, or someone who is recovering from an illness. Or, you may have taken some time to get to know yourself better. They may eventually decide that they want to return to their job but need some help starting a new career. Some employers offer returnships, which are back-to-work programs.

Returnship is an internship for adults who have been out of the workforce for some time. It is essentially a return-to-work program that allows people to return to their careers without needing to start at the bottom.

Returnship benefits

To help women return to work, She-jobs have created returnship programs. It's a great idea if you want to get back to your career and not have to start over in an entry-level job. After completing this program, you will feel confident and ready to start a new job. 

Most returnships last between a few weeks and a few months. During this period, the individual is trained on new skills or reintroduced to their job. SheJobs offers mentorship and additional training. This allows them to improve their skills and do their job again efficiently.

The SheJobs returnship provides Functional training, Upskilling, and Soft skills training, which includes

  • Online Learning with LMS. Topics: Web/testing/digital
  • Guided channels for open platforms like
  • There is membership-based access to expert help, consulting, and content from tech gurus, entrepreneurs, and life coaches.

Curated content from e-learning platforms (Linda/LinkedIn, Udemy, Skillshare)

These are some of the many benefits of returnships provided by SheJobs:

  • Keep up with the latest changes
  • Learn new skills
  • Establish a support network
  • Transition into a full-time role
  • Navigate an Unconventional Career Track - Find out what you enjoy

Keep up with the latest changes.

Many things can happen in the workplace, depending on how long you have been gone. Technology, procedures, company policies, company culture, and communication are some of the things that have changed. You don't have to figure it all out by yourself. Instead, a mentor can help you navigate through many of these changes.

Learn new skills

You may need to acquire new skills as technology changes and roles change. You can also learn new systems and programs during your SheJobs returnship. Your skills may have diminished since you were away. This returnship can help you improve them so that you are prepared for your next full-time job.

Establish a support network - Transition into a full-time role

SheJobs offers back-to-work programs include a mentorship component. Your mentor will be able to help you with any questions or suggestions. To increase your support network, you should get to know other employees in the company. You will have more people to turn to for help if you build a more extensive network of people in your industry. Your connections may even be able to help you find a job after your return.

Navigate an Unconventional Career Track - Find out what you enjoy 

You might be wondering what career is best for you after being away from work for some time. You may want to go back to work or try something new. Sometimes, the job you used to have may no longer exist or look quite different. Returnships are a way for you to explore different areas without being committed to a job. You might discover you are a natural talent in an area you didn't know existed.

These returnships let people work in different company departments or rotate between clients. This program enables you to find the right job before applying for full-time employment. It is possible that you will find that you prefer a returnship program in a completely different industry or field.

We invite you to do the following:


Recipients receive project plans through She Jobs and are encouraged to take ownership of their projects from beginning to end. Upon completion, our teams give feedback on overall performance, deliverables, and skills in relation to the role and project expectations.


Teams can learn from one another and reach deeper into the culture and processes of their companies through classroom training or self-service. Returned employees have the opportunity to build professional and personal networks through participation in social events or workshops.


SheJobs offer opportunities for returners to participate in the building of the future. Every returner is paired with a mentor and manager to help them succeed and foster their career. They will provide guidance and feedback on critical deliverables and work to eliminate any barriers.

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