How To Maintain Professional Boundaries At Workplaces For Women

How To Maintain Professional Boundaries At Workplaces For Women

How To Maintain Professional Boundaries At Workplaces For Women

Since the time women working in workplaces has become a norm, they still faceless talked about obstructions in the workplace. In the 50s and 60s when women started working on-ground, in-offices, and officially for companies, they were still treated badly, unequally, and as low tier members in most organizations spanning across almost all sectors and industries. In modern workplaces, the situation has improved direly, but it's still a long road to pave. In our capacity, women have challenged it for far too long. Therefore, it’s time workplaces mindfully make a note of all the professional boundaries they are required to keep for women.

Set behavioral limits

One of the most widely common, uncomfortable, and unprofessional boundaries others cross with women is in the form of passing behavior. Telling women what they should wear at work, laying hands on their shoulders, taking an angry tone with women, are all considered highly inappropriate behaviors. While these things are less common in modern workplaces, they are still prevalent in many organizations and women neglect it thinking if they spoke out they will be apprehended for it. Personally monitoring one’s unprofessional behavioral limits is a very important aspect of working amidst women, that everybody should incorporate in their daily lives.

Communicate professionally

Professional language of communication is a recognized form of communication in many workplaces, businesses, and organizations. Saying thank you for work completed, morning and evening greetings, and general salutations boost a workplace’s morale. Some workplaces are also comfortable enough to use the casual language of communication. However, taking an angry tone, using cuss words, or derogatory language is unacceptable, and women are usually at the forefront of this from authoritative male bosses. It's time to treat everyone with courtesy, even if they have made a mistake. 

Delegate based on merit

Sexism is highly prevalent in higher management when it comes to delegating important work or assigning important tasks. Professional boundaries are crossed when a capable woman is given lower-tier work just because she is a woman, and a man with the same capability is assigned the more important task. It is the 21st century, making it high time to change this workplace dynamic of delegating work. Let merit be the only lens through which higher management delegates work.

Learn how to take a no

Many times, women are uncomfortable doing a task or being assigned a certain team, but they find it hard or obligatory to communicate the same with their bosses which is why they refuse. While this may depend from situation to situation, talk to your women employees about this. If they feel uncomfortable working with another coworker and find it hard to say it out loud, just a simple no towards doing a task or assignment should suffice. These small details and working ethics on professional boundaries can make women value your company or organization. Let us all collectively learn the importance of professional boundaries and their implications on the women around us! Let workplaces be a healthy place for business.

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