How Women Should Approach Leadership

How Women Should Approach Leadership

How Women Should Approach Leadership

In the job market, women have always evaluated their career successes on the parameters of how well they can adjust to the male-dominated culture and business processes. Therefore, the way women view their hard work and value is through a gendered lens which compels them to play a role they may otherwise have never been conscious of. With such a perceptive dynamic, it is hard to lay out one fine way to outline how women should approach important roles like leadership in the workplace. And whether this ever-changing job market is making things easier for women is still debatable. Progress is onset, but there are some ways in which women must claim their career progression, especially to approach leadership in modern workplaces. 

Seek advice From Other Women Leaders

If you find it tough to approach leadership now, imagine doing so a decade ago. It might have had more obstacles and challenges, making the women who then became leaders the perfect role model for your leadership run. You should always seek career advice from those who are in a position you want to reach. It has been a more tumultuous journey for women leaders in the market. So you should definitely take their guidance as an important stepping stone in your journey to leadership.

Recognize And Sell Your Profile

Women workers definitely have low self-esteem when they approach work. A study conducted by Hewlett Packard concluded that men apply for a job even when they have only 60% of qualifications but women apply for a job only when they meet 100% of the qualifications required. To reach the standards of career, which comes with leadership, women must always be vocal about their self-doubts and remember not to sell themselves short. Apply for that leadership role, give it all you have! It won’t take anything from you and might guarantee you a bigger role if selected. Remember to take a chance on yourself every once in a while.

Broaden Your Comfort Zone

With career growth comes a whole different set of responsibilities you have never dealt with before. It is important to know that you must grow with the work you do. If you are comfortable in a job for more than ten years, chances are you will never know how progression feels unless you give yourself the experience. New experiences can be daunting, especially if you’re facing them in your workplace. But it’s the only way to figure out if you’re capable of growth, and you most certainly are. Broaden your comfort zone with every role you acquire, and watch yourself grow into the leader you once aspired to be!

Strive To Be The Change

Even in the 21st century, it’s still a long way to go to achieve true equality. So instead of beating yourself up for fewer opportunities, fight for them in your capacity. Be it demanding equal pay despite your gender, suing a company for losing a promotion based on your gender, or fighting against clearly sexist upholsters in the workplace. If women want equality, we need to stand our ground and demand the respect we deserve in the smallest of circumstances. Being mindful of what we deserve and enforcing it will definitely amount to a bigger change in workplaces! This quality also speaks truly of a leader, especially a female leader. We recognize that it is not as easy as it sounds, but incremental change can lead women in the workplace, and make them leaders of the same women! SheJobs advocates you take these steps and strive for leadership because we need more female leaders and we need them now!


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