Challenges Faced By Working Women In The Tech World

Challenges Faced By Working Women In The Tech World

Challenges Faced By Working Women In The Tech World

Despite the many progressions and changes in the way women have been viewed and treated at work, it is a myth that full equality has been achieved in workplaces. Even in the 21st century, women are still belittled, taken for granted, blamed, and discriminated against at workplaces. This truth only intensifies in industries that have a lesser number of women. One such example is the tech industry. Women have been stereotyped to be social workers and have humanity-driven jobs. While women excel considerably well in the stereotyped industries, they do so even better in other industries. However, they are uncredited for most of it. Every industry is male-dominated because women had to fight for the right to work in our history, and it has taken a long road to reach where we have now. The gender ratio in the tech space is always tilted towards men, and this pushes women to feel entitled to give in to the choices of their male bosses and co-workers. But this is just one hurdle they have to face. Let us have a look at the main challenges working women face in the Tech-world.

The Reality of Being Unheard

One of the main challenges women face in a professionally tech-related working environment is that their voices, ideas, and opinions go massively unheard. A lot of women in technology feel that their voices and contributions are unappreciated in their workplaces. Merit is overlooked, and the gender filter is more involved in workplace evaluation. This is not just how a few women feel, but how most women feel. It’s not alarming to know that women have always felt unheard when it comes to workplace contributions and executive decisions. But why does it still keep happening? Women are fighting to be heard, let's encourage them. More inclusivity and focus on the work are required for women to step forward and speak up. Let us build that environment.

Unrealistic Expectations

Women have always had to work harder and faster to get themselves recognized than men. The factor of low self-esteem and confidence also weighs in on this. Women tend to hold their ideas back in the workplace because they assume they are not going to be received and validated well. Men don’t have that inherent filter merely because of their gender. Therefore, women constantly filter themselves or hold back. Women keep themselves at a higher ground for self-expectations and they keep pushing until they have met all of it. This is an indirectly self-monitored challenge women have to internally battle with at workplaces in tech.

Career Development and Progression

Taking into account confidence and visibility, the main problem is that women at large find difficulties in career development and progression. With similar competencies, men reach higher positions of leadership very early on in their careers in the tech industry. Women with capabilities at par are denied career growth based on discrimination. The good part is more and more companies are making development programs and employee networks to promote female leadership and its importance in the working world. But it is still a challenge for many women starting in tech and tech startups. These are some of the challenges women face in the tech world, but it is good to see that things are improving for women in these spaces. SheJobs hopes for a more inclusionary working environment for women, especially in the tech industry.





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