4 reasons why companies should hire more women

4 reasons why companies should hire more women

4 reasons why companies should hire more women

Research has found that having more women in the workplace makes an organization a considerably better place to work, for people of all genders.

It's becoming excessively important for companies to maintain a ratio of women and male employees not only to protect the rights of women but also for the company to grow and be more productive in all possible aspects. Job hunting and the job market have become more open to gender diversity for the benefit of the organization and accumulation of varied talents and skill sets that women can bring to an organization.

A female worker can bring a lot of benefits to the organization as well as to the work environment, here are a few of them:


Evidence suggests that when women and men co-exist in a working space , their productivity along with their creativity seems to increase rapidly. Diversity and inclusivity are the keys to excelling as an organization/company. Furthermore, research portrays that Fortune 500 companies with the highest representation of women on board financially outperform companies with the lowest representation of women on board. Along with this, Gender-diverse teams have higher sales and profits compared to male-dominated teams.


Women possess an innate quality to bring people together and find out ways to integrate different ideas and proposals from the team in order to respect everyone’s opinion and efforts, in return, promoting teamwork and a sense of togetherness. Results showed that having a higher percentage of women in an organization results in:

  • More job satisfaction.
  • More organizational dedication.
  • More meaningful work.
  • Less burnout.

Studies show that women are known to be more focused and task-oriented rather than focusing on the end result or reward, women are known to give their best even without receiving appreciation or acknowledgement. Recent scientific research at the University of Pennsylvania on brain connectivity shows that women have greater capacity for analysis and show more attention to detail.

  1. Ability to Multitask

Women are naturally great at multitasking due to circumstantial and scientific reasons.
Dr. Svetlana Kuptsova says “Women might find it easier than men to switch attention and their brains do not need to mobilize extra resources in doing so”.
Science is the most objective and reliable source of information and it proves that a woman’s ability to multi-task is undeniably incredible. 

In conclusion, it's best to say that women make an excellent addition to any organization/company with their work ethic and compassion. One such platform to find skillful and talented female workers is SheJobs- a modern job portal that focuses on providing job opportunities to women.

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