Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda Gates

All women are born alike, but they are thrust into different life circumstances that can make or mar their lives. Nobody lives a life free of flaws and without blemish. But the one who emerges strongly is the one who listens to her inner voice

I somehow feel God did not create man and woman as equals. He made the man mighty and strong, and the woman fragile and vulnerable; that is only physically

though. Research suggests that women are mentally and emotionally stronger and survive in a particular crisis better than men. The fact is that most women underestimate their actual strength. We sometimes fail to accept a challenge in which we will most likely succeed, due to the fear of the unknown.

The difference lies in the notions and perceptions that are deeply rooted in society. While a man is visualized as an individual with personal goals and choices, a woman is visualized as a part of a family and as the primary caregiver. A man who pursues his career relentlessly is perceived to be ambitious, while an equally ambitious woman would be considered arrogant and unbridled. When faced with a particular opportunity, most men are likely to grab it and reap the maximum benefits out of it. Women, on the other hand, try to think of the potential consequences to their family and fail to embrace many chances that come their way. For example, a promotion at work that comes with relocation is most likely to be turned down by a woman than a man, owing to familial commitments.

It’s time to change stereotypes. Young girls are encouraged to pursue higher education and dream big. But as young women, they are almost always forced to choose between family and career. For some women, this could be in the form of the normal course of the marriage, relocation, motherhood, and family care. For others, certain challenging life circumstances like a child or family member with special needs, being a single mother, or elderly care may force them to abandon their careers. But despite being part of a family in all these situations, why are the choices available different for men and women? Being aggressive, ambitious, and assertive is neither masculine nor sinful for women.

Why do we women settle with achieving the common goals, while shelving our personal goals? What does your inner voice tell you? Have you heard it yet? Or wait, have you ever tried listening to it? We at SheJobs seek to change these stereotypes by inspiring you to listen to your voice. Your voice, that faint, feeble voice you have probably learned and practiced for years to ignore. You could be on a career break, contemplating a come-back, clueless about where and how to restart, or thinking about an alternative career. Whatever be your set of circumstances, we are here as your Ally. We wish to be a one-stop destination for career women to facilitate their re-entry into the corporate world by connecting talents to corporates that are keen on welcoming such women. We also provide mentoring, reskilling, and upskilling programs to groom you for that dream career, to enable you to start where you left with renewed confidence.

We are blessed to be living during times when corporates have started identifying the potential benefits of having a diverse workforce. Many large corporates are opening up their gates to nurture and develop women on a career break and are also providing the much-needed flexibility. So the ball is in your court now, and it is up to you to choose to act before it is too late. Arise, Awaken and Follow your Voice!

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