DevOps Engineer
  • Dallas, Texas, US
  • +914043515100
594 Days ago
Job Description

Title: Devops Engineer

Duration: Long Term

Location: Dallas, TX (For Now remote, once COVID situation settles down need to relocate)

Experience: 8+ years 

Required Skills:

  • Azure DevOps Tool for CI/CD
  • GitHub as SCM
  • JFrog as Artifactory
  • Some knowledge or experience on Visual Studio
  • TFS (Azure DevOps Server)
  • AWS Cloud Experience
  • ECS & Fargate
  • EKS or Kubernetes hands on experience
  • Working experience as DevOps Engineer
  • Harness Generator
  • Scripting Experience like PowerShell
  • NA

Required Skills
  • Azure,AWS,Github,JFrog,• EKS or Kubernetes,• Harness Generator

  • 8+ Years of Experience

  • USD 8500-9500 Per Month

Working Hours / Week
  • 75203h Per Month