5 Tips to Crack a Virtual Interview

5 Tips to Crack a Virtual Interview

5 Tips to Crack a Virtual Interview

The pressure is on!!! Interviews are definitely one of the most challenging things that people have to face in their careers. The thought of having a stranger ask you questions that would apparently decide your entire career is certainly nerve-wracking. 

With the ongoing pandemic, the pressure is even more. Most interviews these days are conducted online and via platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, and Zoom. But the change isn’t just in the platforms. With virtual interviews, your factors for acing also change. 

Be mindful of these important tips to secure a place in any virtual interview that you go for. 

  • Have A Clear Background 

Try and picture this: While watching a movie, would you like it if people keep on interrupting you every few minutes? No, right? The same is the case with virtual interviews. You need to have a pretty clear background so that it doesn’t deter the interest of the interviewer from you. 

When attending an interview, make sure that you keep your background completely distraction-free. No kids or pets moving around in your background. The main goal here is to make people pay attention to you. So, you can start by handling your background and keeping it completely correct. 

Professional Dressing Matters 

A very common misconception amongst people sitting for virtual interviews is that they don’t need to dress up to the occasion. Most of this belief comes from the fact that they are at their home. However, the no-dressing-up thing is far from being true. For virtual interviews, especially in the STEM job sectors, you actually need to dress up professionally. 

To convey your professionalism to the interviewer, you definitely need to look the part. Companies tend to respect the people who take the interview part seriously. If you want to land the job then dressing professionally is one way to impress the interviewer for sure. 

Body Language Is Important 

Two of the most essential parts of any communication are body language as well as tone of voice. Hence, during the virtual interview, you need to pay attention to the tone of voice along with the body language that you are portraying. This non-verbal part of the communication plays a crucial part in the whole interview process and hence should be taken very seriously.  Try and maintain eye contact when you are conversing with the person on your screen. This will make the conversation even more effective. One pro tip here is to make sure that you have the window of the interview directly beneath the camera of your computer. This will help in maintaining the eye contact that we are talking about. 

Make Sure to Include Some Ice Breakers 

Meeting someone for the very first time is complicated in itself. Add on to the fact that the person will be interviewing you and it all just builds up to become too much. So, to relieve the pressure a little bit, you can try doing some research on the people who are interviewing you before you actually go through it. 

Take a look at their social media profiles, note their interests, and make sure to find some sort of a common area between them and you. It also helps if you prepare some ice-breakers to help in lightening the conversation a little bit. Also, preparing something beforehand will let the interviewers know that you are actually interested in the job. 


Think about these tips before you go and sit for your virtual interview. These tips come in handy when you are trying to make an impression on your interviewer and hence are key factors that will help you ace the interview for sure. 

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