Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Breaking The Glass Ceiling

‘Breaking the glass ceiling’ is a metaphor frequently used to signify an individual’s journey of overcoming barriers set to prevent access to advancement. From a feminist perspective, the ‘glass ceiling’ represents an invisible barricade hindering women from rising beyond a certain level in the corporate hierarchy. This metaphor has come to denote a working woman’s journey of shattering the invisible barricade to reach her true potential; therefore, figuratively, ‘breaking the glass ceiling.’ Here are 4 ways in which women can break the glass ceiling:

Promoting Diversity In The Workplace

Women can break the glass ceiling by eliminating unconscious bias; a social stereotype about certain groups that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness. This can be done by promoting diversity training programs, joint evaluation of employees’ performance, and implementing gender-neutral recruitment processes. Further, since many women’s professional careers are halted due to maternal leave, women can break the glass ceiling by asking for flexible working hours. Through these methods, women can reduce, if not eliminate, unconscious bias; thus, gradually shattering the glass ceiling over a period of time.

Amplification Method

Women should use the ‘amplification’ method in order to break the glass ceiling. The method was used by USA President Obama’s female aides during meetings when they felt like their voices were being ignored. For amplification, when one woman proposes an idea at a meeting, other women repeat the idea, giving due credit to the woman who first suggested it. Amplification can help prevent mansplaining and men taking credit for women’s ideas. Women utilize the amplification method with female co-workers and break the glass ceiling.

Speaking Up

In Madonna’s words, “A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.” To break the glass ceiling, women must speak up and stand up for themselves. In a patriarchal society like India, studies such as the LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021 have shown that 85% of working women in India have missed opportunities for promotion, raises, or potential employment prospects due to their gender. By acknowledging this inherent gender discrimination, women can speak up for themselves to the senior management, and make sure they receive the promotion, raise, or employment opportunity they deserve.

Take Responsibility For Your Own Development

Despite speaking up, if the glass ceiling still exists, women should try finding a job where they have a chance to grow and prosper in their professional careers. Rather than wasting time and skills in a stagnating job environment, women should put them to use at a more worthwhile place; where they actually receive the opportunities they deserve. Women can use SheJobs to find job opportunities and environments, receiving a chance to grow and prosper.

In the 21st century, working women all around the world still face gender discrimination in the workplace due to the glass ceiling. Breaking this invisible barricade is essential for every woman’s progress, growth, and development, as well as establishing a society free of gender prejudice. SheJobs believes in the popular Chinese proverb, “Women hold up half the sky.” SheJobs offers women various job opportunities, and a chance to reach new heights in their careers. Through this blog, SheJobs hopes that women can effectively break the glass ceiling, and get inspired to return to the professional sphere. Ending with a quote by Matshona Dhliwayo, “Don’t aim to break the glass ceiling; aim to shatter it.”

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