Dressing Ethically In The Workplace

Dressing Ethically In The Workplace

Dressing Ethically In The Workplace

Business attire differs from workplace to workplace. While in some workplaces the dress code is casual, in others it is prim and proper. Regardless of the dress code, dressing professionally and ethically according to your workplace is necessary for the professional sphere. In fact, in 2010 the Center for Professional Excellence at the York College of Pennsylvania conducted a nationwide poll, where it was determined that a person’s appearance is often correlated with professionalism. She-Jobs presents 5 reasons why dressing ethically in the workplace is extremely important.

Your First Impression Is The Last Impression

Dressing appropriately for the workplace is important because it sends a visual message that employees are professional. This is extremely useful while meeting clients and business partners for securing new business deals and propositions. Proper business attire sets a good impression that an individual is serious about their work and professional life.

Get Noticed For Your Work, Not Clothing

Wearing an expensive and flamboyant outfit for a party is a good idea, but not for the workplace. To maintain professionalism, an individual should dress modestly, focusing on work rather than dressing fancy. Further, wearing business attire will help an individual blend in with other employees, being noticed for their work rather than their attire.

Flatters Your Skills

As mentioned previously, attire is commonly correlated with professionalism; therefore, an individual’s attire can either diminish or emphasize their skills. For example, having a neat, tidy, and well-kept appearance can portray efficiency, productivity, and perfection; creating a professional image. On the other hand, having an untidy appearance can depict laziness, carelessness, and indifference; creating an unprofessional image, also harming the image of the company.

Professionalism At Anyplace, And At Anytime

In some jobs, employees must often prepare for formal presentations and attend meetings, lunches, and dinners outside the workplace, at any place, and at any time. Dressing up formally and going to work will prepare an employee to adapt to any given circumstance, and highlight that the employee is always prepared for work and professionalism.

Create A Healthy Working Environment

Dressing professionally will provide an individual with the motivation, desire, and encouragement to work. Wearing casual clothes to work will make an individual feel demotivated, and create a longing to relax at home rather than finish working. On the other hand, dressing in proper business attire will motivate an individual to work, and dedicate their handwork to their job; thus, creating a healthy working environment.

Overall, dressing in business attire has several benefits such as creating an impressive and lasting first impression, focusing on work, flattering skills, maintaining professionalism both in and out of the workplace, as well as creating a healthy working environment. To dress professionally and ethically, employees should wear solid or neutral-colored clothing, minimal accessories, dress shoes, and a well-groomed haircut. Ending with a quote by Susan C. Young, “free places are more important for dressing appropriately than the workplace, where a professional appearance is crucial.”

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