Women's Help In The Digital Transformation Of Workplaces

Women's Help In The Digital Transformation Of Workplaces

Women's Help In The Digital Transformation Of Workplaces

Digital is the present and digital is the future. Digital technology, media, marketing, and transformation - everything is digital now! The smallest start-ups are turning into the biggest fortune 500 companies and the key is their digital relevance and digital presence. After the pandemic hit, many workplaces which were going to roll out their digital transformations had to do it rapidly and haphazardly. But there is a difference in the amount of contribution both men and women have given to hone digital skills and lead digital initiatives to make this digital transformation possible. Let’s analyze this difference and look at how women have specifically helped the digital transformation of workplaces.

Female Digital Leaders

One of the most upfront and honest contributions to the sphere of digital transformation has been from women leaders across working industries. According to a comprehensive research study by KPMG,48% of women leaders are comfortable with incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as AI, blockchain technology, and machine learning changes in their organizations. In a male-dominated industry like technology, where women make up for only 5%of the leadership roles, this is a huge technical decision-making point. It is reflective of the fact that when workplaces are more diverse, the decision-making is more effective and progressive. 

Increased Entrepreneurial Skills

With more women dictating huge business decisions and letting in more of their expertise, women in business have pushed for taking digital initiatives and digital adaptation through various managerial decisions. Women have immaculate social skills and a digital workplace requires on-point communication which women have led beautifully. A wider community reach, more empathy, righteous communication skills, and a willingness to adapt to the newer circumstances have shown that women are capable of and have helped digital transformation majorly.

More Jobs for Women - Work From Home Benefits

The most major aspects of digital transformations have been dictated by workplaces that are going fully or even partially remote. More work-from-home jobs meant more women who were earlier bogged down by family responsibilities can now manage a job while working from home! The entire dynamic of having women work from home has changed the digital game. This has opened a whole new market for women to capitalize on, and they are doing so well within their capacity. More jobs and willingness to work have increased, resulting in females empowering the world to work digitally. By accessing the entire workspace on their laptops, they are growing more tech-savvy and leading the digital transformation from the smallest to the biggest companies!

Female-Led Companies Are Digital

The most successful female-led companies all have their roots in successful digital beginnings. The best example is Nykaa, Founded by Falguni Nayyar. It is India’s premier beauty and wellness market, servicing beauty and wellness products at millions of doorsteps. It is not just a delivery brand, but also a very comprehensively knit community for beauty buffs. Nykaa was one of the first brands to be part of the digital revolution of work. It is the penetration of the internet and social media which is helping women to be a part of financial independence and digital transformation! Women have helped the digital transformation of workplaces in a very methodical and conscientious way, so SheJobs encourages everyone to recognize that!


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