Work-Life Balance For Working Mothers

Work-Life Balance For Working Mothers

Work-Life Balance For Working Mothers

Working mothers probably have the toughest job in the world. Being fully committed to their work and their family is not everyone's cup of tea. It can be a tedious, exhaustive, and thankless job, which mostly goes unrecognized. It goes as far as people perceiving a working mother to be not fully present in either her work or in her family. This is demeaning, wrong, and inconsiderate for working mothers who personally take up all the stress and responsibilities of this duality of a hectic life. Working women have proved time and again that they can play an amazing role as mothers, and do progressive work in their professional life, all at the same time. Women are strong enough to handle this kind of pressure because they are brought up in a way that has prepared them mentally to compartmentalize their work and life responsibilities. However, in today’s rapid competitive streak in the working world, a lot of women feel discouraged or think they are not good enough to handle this balance. It’s not about whether they can handle it, but more about how they perceive their own identities - it's always self-deprecating. Therefore, if you are a working mother who is feeling pressured or ambushed by this constant reminder of responsibility, here are a few tips that will help you.

Don’t Let Guilt Overcome Your Self-Worth

As self-critical humans, we tend to expect too much of ourselves. For mothers, this bar is even higher. Women have endured being judged and belittled for far too long. Every mother who is trying their best for their kids and working life should be more appreciated than the average working person. They're taking on a difficult role in every sphere of their lives. It’s not like there is a rule book describing what a perfect mother is. You're allowed to make mistakes, and find your way through them. You’re allowed to feel guilty for it too, but not on a level where it affects your self-worth. Remember this for your life. It’s important to define your self-worth on your terms but don’t let the guilt define you.

Time Management Skills

Having so much responsibility as a working mother only requires one thing from these mothers. All you need is good time management skills and you are good to go. Get the most amount of work done in the least amount of time. Plan every day strategically. Compartmentalize work calls and important tasks at different times of the day. This will set a routine for every priority without you missing out on anything. Be mindful of all the work you are doing at that time so that nothing is hindering your workflow. And you can snap in and out of it easily after it becomes habitual!

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help

You are not a bad mother if you take the help of a nanny or caretaker for your child when you are overloaded with work. Your life shouldn't be tied down to one thing. It’s okay, and encouraged, for working mothers to take babysitters’ and relatives' help with their kids sometimes. Take out quality time for your child whenever you have space, and witness smooth life!

Communicate Your Distress

Just because you are a working mother, doesn’t mean your productivity declines. Everybody in the workspace is assigned work according to the role they play in an organization. This can take a toll on you for various reasons. Rather than keeping it in, and putting more mental pressure on yourself which will hinder your work and your presence at home, try to communicate it with your superiors or bosses at work. Everybody understands the pressure a working mother is put under at work, and your bosses especially care for their employees. Whenever you need a break or can’t finish a task properly, just be communicative of your distress and it will go a long way! While these are the main aspects of maintaining a work-life balance for working mothers, everybody’s journeys are different. Different things work for different people. All you need to know is you’re doing amazing despite the worries you face, and SheJobs appreciates you for it!

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