How to Accelerate Women’s Career in Tech

How to Accelerate Women’s Career in Tech

How to Accelerate Women’s Career in Tech

There is an obvious lack of women in the IT sector, and that demonstrates the urgent need for a deeper investment in women to accelerate their careers in technology. According to the American Association of University Women, women account for about only 31% of the IT workforce. It also found that the number of women, especially in computing has fallen in the past few years. It went from 35% in 1990 to 26% today. This is not even the most concerning part. Women comprise only 9% of the world’s global IT leadership. The lack of women in higher levels of leadership is reflective of their low ratio in the entire sector. There must be stricter approaches to accelerate women’s careers in the technology sector, and they can be done by taking some conscious steps.  

  1. Networking to Build Career Opportunities

In today’s digital age of connections and networking, almost all businesses rely on the word of an old industry peer to make valuable hires. Especially in the tech world, women have to push themselves to network more. Formal professional connections can help in growth mentoring and career advancements. Having connections and industrial mentors will also help women evaluate potential job opportunities, it will give them the confidence they need to negotiate salaries and help them deal with unexpected challenges throughout their career. Networking is important in the working world, and even more so for women. 

  1. Female Peer Mentorship

Women should especially try reaching out to other women already in leadership positions to understand their struggles and failures and learn from them. This is one of the most productive bonds women can form in a rather male-dominated industry. It will provide them with perspectives, inspire them, and imbibe a different form of confidence that comes from seeing womanhood at the topmost levels. This will help in two ways - seeing the female prerogative and obtaining leadership lessons. It’s one thing being a female in the IT workspace, but it’s another being a leader in the same. It will push more women to take on and fight for leadership roles in their workspaces to truly transform IT. 

  1. Gender Diversity the Main Core in Hiring

While talent acquisition is gender-blind, hiring has some bias towards hiring women even today. The tech world is notoriously male-dominated, and that can’t all be just talent! Gender bias is a very grave issue when it comes to hiring in tech companies. The earlier mentioned roles for women decreasing in computing signifies this. The numbers are worse for women of color. These days, the start-ups focusing more on hiring diversity are making more progress in terms of productivity. And that is what every tech company must focus on to accelerate both women’s careers and their growth!

  1. Encouraging Female Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a very important skill set for people to have these days, especially in the tech space. It is perceived as a risky field and therefore, a lot of people turn from it, especially females. Women are told they will sabotage their families, their lives, and everything if they get into the hectic business of entrepreneurship. The tech industry needs to be more encouraging of women starting their independent businesses. Through special programs in schools and colleges directed at young women in STEM, female entrepreneurship will rise. The female talent exists, all it will take is just one encouraging push. 

  1. Skill Training and Education

More than anything, the only way more women enter the industry of tech and accelerate their careers is through making and teaching clearer pathways to it. Various non-profit organizations are focusing on developing young girls’ coding skills. Social enterprises which teach women tech skills and help companies develop more female-friendly recruitment policies are increasing by the day.

She Jobs direly hopes more young women develop the right skill sets to enter the tech world, take it by storm, and accelerate their career futures in tech!

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