5 ways to make your office experience better for women.

5 ways to make your office experience better for women.

5 ways to make your office experience better for women.

Encouraging women to enter the job market/ office workspace requires the organization to make an environment that offers security and equality to women. As the history stands, women haven't had it easy. The culture within the organization determines how many employees stay with the organization. Job hunting can be cruel to most people, the long interviews and stress and even after that Women are increasingly becoming a decent part of the workforce, but the bias and discrimination in the workplace makes them dropout in large numbers. What are companies doing wrong? As the women try to come back after maternity leave, they need more assurance of a healthy work environment as it’s difficult being a working mom, but the skillset, wisdom and ideas that they bring are unmatched.

The workplace should not just be inclusive but also go above and beyond towards being considerate to the needs of its employees.

Here are some of the ways you can ensure women feel welcome in the workplace

  1. Assuring safety and security in workplace

For working women, security is a major concern. Given the rates of crimes against women, it is only natural for them to hesitate while taking up a job that offers little to no safety. So while job hunting, women prefer to take up work from home jobs or jobs that don’t require a lot of time. Organisations and companies have to be more considerate towards the safety of women at their workplace. The employees entrust the company with their safety and well-being and the company must take appropriate measures like adequate security staff, surveillance and security within and around the office premises. 

  1. Equal pay for all

 Equal pay needs to be mandatory for all the employees working at the same level with the same skill set/work profile, this ensures a smooth functioning within the organisation with no bias based on gender. Equal pay motivates all the employees to work efficiently and fulfill their roles assigned by the company. At times like now, even the best jobs to work from home offer the essential change that needs to be made regarding the salary of the employees.

  1. Make the workplace inclusive

More and more organisations today are realising the urgency of creating a comfortable working environment for its staff. Inclusivity ensures that the company is invested in the well being of the employees. Which makes the employees more loyal to the organization. A comfortable and inclusive work environment should be provided to every working individual regardless of their gender or lifestyle choices. A productive work culture must be dedicated to professional ethics, which supports all employees of all genders, backgrounds, sexuality, and ethnicity. Offering opportunities to work from home to Also allows them to work with leaders of the organizations instead of making them work under or for the leaders. Shejobs is a modern job portal that offers job opportunities that are inclusive and diverse 

  1. Female supervisors and role models 

Seeing women in powerful positions and authority figures encourages and motivates young women to join an organization. As women require mentorship as well, and when they find their mentor, they get more disciplined, detail-oriented and efficient in their work. In order to promote more opportunities for women in your business, it’s vital to have strong female role models as leaders in your current corporate structure. 

  1. Discard patriarchal behaviour

Patriarchal behaviour or misogynistic attitude often drives women to quit their jobs because of the excessive mental stress that ensues. Male-dominated workplaces makes women feel uncomfortable and disheartened which makes them lethargic and unwilling to give their efforts, the employers must reciprocate the efforts and skills that a person brings to the table when they start a job. Making an environment that is free of bias and patriarchal behaviour makes for a productive and healthy work environment. Even if they are looking for work from home jobs or part-time jobs, women deserve to be treated with the same dignity that is showered on a man.

It's high time for the job arena to be straightened out for both men and women, shejobs offers a chance to women who want to restart their careers or are working moms, whether they are looking for part-time or work from home jobs.

Shejobs is a modern job portal that is both inclusive and the best platform for job hunting.

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