Leveling The Job Market Playing Field With SheJobs

Leveling The Job Market Playing Field With SheJobs

Leveling The Job Market Playing Field With SheJobs

As the pandemic took over the world at the beginning of 2020, the job market deteriorated as the cases increased. The availability of jobs has only seen a downfall ever since this year came into pace. It has been especially tough for women. Women from all cultures and walks of life have seen constant rejection in the duration of this pandemic.

The community of black women has suffered the most in the job market recently. In recent studies by the Women in Workplace 2020, it has been noticed that women and most of all, women of color have been let go of the most in the corporate job market. Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. This conversation raises the obvious question – What can be done about such drastic changes in the job market?

We were finally stepping into the world of true progression for working women. But the pandemic has taken the position of women in the job market at least a decade back. The struggle to attain equality in the job market for women does not have to be a constant struggle. And that is exactly what SheJobs aims to work for. She Jobs has an ambition of making the working world more accountable towards women, minorities, and variant stereotypes.

According to the latest statistics, the number of women in the corporate world has only been shrinking ever since the pandemic came into play and it wasn’t extremely progressed, to begin with. It is exceedingly sad to note that the drawback of the pandemic has largely impacted women and especially women from the minority communities and they are even considering working in lower positions than they were initially hired at, or even leaving the working class completely.

SheJobs believes that this can be changed. SheJobs aspires to provide jobs for those who are deprived of the working position they deserve. SheJobs wants to make the world of the working class more soothing and accommodating of women.

Being a woman at a corporate is not only difficult; it is also a tricky game to play at times. Companies usually have bizarre reasons for not hiring women for the jobs they deserve. For example, the chances of a woman with equal or better skills are comparatively lesser than that of a man.

This is because the companies fear the fact that women face sexual harassment, discrimination, unequal pay in all aspects of the job, and if they choose to complain about it, it may lead to defamation or cause problems in the functioning of the company. Instead of fixing the beliefs of their company and making the working environment more progressive and equal, they choose to promote it by not hiring women, which is where the jobs come in. SheJobs aims at providing women with welcoming jobs and an extremely female-friendly working environment.

It is a given that the existence of the pandemic in our daily lives has been an inconvenience to every person. Men and women alike have been laid off from their jobs. It has caused a lot of financial, physical, and mental stress. But, considering the simple fact that the women from the minority communities work in unorganized sectors, and they have been laid off the most, it is obvious that women have been affected by the pandemic on a larger scale comparatively. This difference is creating a greater difference between the male to female ratio in the job market each day.

SheJobs dedicate all their time and energy to bringing this gap closer each day by providing Job opportunities to women and all the stereotyped sections of society. It is a representational platform that is working constantly to make society and the job Market a better and more compliant place.

It is often asked that if a company has an ample number of employees, why do they need to hire more women, or people of color, transgender people, and people from variant walks of life. The answer to that is, every person who has had their set of experiences brings a wonderful diversity to the table. Every experience contributes to the success of any particular project or idea. Monotony has never brought in creativity, and that is what diversity does for you. SheJobs is a platform that respects the diversity and backgrounds of all people and it strives to get them the same respect in the job market.

Keeping every aspect of the job market in mind, we can say that without a doubt that women are unbelievably strong creatures, and they can achieve anything they set their minds on. The difficulties that the pandemic has brought into our lives seem insurmountable right now, but nobody knows how to come out stronger through complexities than women. With the grandeur of a woman’s power combined with the opportunities that SheJobs aims to provide, the job market won’t be so difficult after all.

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